About Us

At heart, IDEAbuilder is a high-tech building company, brought to life through the inspiration and experience of homebuilders, fabricators, and technologists. We’ve brought proven technologies from around the globe to the United States, with the goal of revolutionizing the cost & quality structure of the home building industry.

Greg Howes

With more than 20 years of experience as the owner of a residential building company and an additional 12 years of experience at technology companies, Greg brings extensive experience in both industries and is able to provide a cross-domain perspective on technology integration and systems building.

When not changing the building industry Greg enjoys diving, skiing, and getting lost in distant lands.

Stefan Schneider

Stefan has spent his entire life in the building industry. As the son of a Swiss Master Timber Framer, he grew up learning and loving the beauty of the craft. He has trained factory staff and designers and has been involved in the realization of projects all over the world – including Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

Aside from digital fabrication, Stefan enjoys robotics, biking, and camping.

Damon Hernandez

Damon is actively involved with the convergence of interactive 3D with other technologies including GIS, CAD/BIM/CAM, augmented reality, and mobile.Damon works closely with various standards organizations and universities to help educate and promote the new tech tools of the 21st century.

When not living in the Matrix, Damon enjoys practicing guitar, hackathons, and exploring whatever city he is in.

Dave Arendash

Dave is a web and 3D guru with over 15 years experience. A majority of his career has involved creating tools for artists to do their thing. A tech alchemist that can turn science fiction into working applications, and still finds the time to help others throughout the tech community do the same.

Off the laptop Dave enjoys being a voice and stage actor.

Danny Beesley

Danny is a 3rd generation builder, designer and maker of many things both digital and physical. With a background of hands-on construction and Green Building as well as a great interest in all things technology related, he has carved out a niche for himself where Construction, Education and Technology intersect.

Danny enjoys his spare time designing and operating FabLabs in schools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Gerhard Gassner

Gerhard came to the United States in the late 1990’s from Munich, Germany to bring 30 years of experience in Bavarian timber craftsmanship to the high-end, custom construction trade of Northern California.

When not building, Gerhard enjoys spending time with his family and riding his motorcycle.

Putheary Mey

Putheary (Teri) can be best described as a ‘wearer of many hats’. With 6 years in banking and 8 years working with startups, she knows how to get the toughest things done while enjoying the journey. Beyond being a super woman in daily business operations, her passion for education and community improvement finds her in a variety of international community development projects.

Putheary enjoys traveling, camping, outdoor activities, and cooking.

Malcolm Williamson

Malcolm is a pro when it comes to digitizing the built environment and understanding geospatial data. As Geospatial Applications and Education Manager at the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies, he oversees a wide diversity of programs ranging from K-12 outreach, to environmental spatial analysis projects, to architectural and archaeological 3D visualization.

When not digitizng the world, Malcolm enjoys his time as an anthropologist.

Future Investor

To scale what we are doing, we are looking to raise investment in the form of a Series A round. So if you are interested in improving the way that homes and other timber structures are made in America while making a return on investment and influencing the American dream of home ownership, contact us.

Step into the 21 Century of Building