Partners & Affiliates

Collaboration is key in improving the building industry and in building great structures.
IDEAbuilder is a proud partner of these companies, firms, and organizations.

Seattle Homework

A Seattle small building company that specialize in remodels (80% of business) and new construction to build green, with automated building systems, and the incorporation of timber frame elements. Remodeling projects range from restoration of kitchens, bath remodels, wine cellars, saunas, and business/art studios are some of the many specialty projects they do.

Harrell Remodeling

Harrell Remodeling is a full-service design + build residential remodeling company based in Mountain View, California. For twenty five years, they have been focused on providing homeowners with innovative design, meticulous craftsmanship and high quality, personalized service.

Bavarian Timberworks

A full service custom timber design and construction business located in California that brings 30 years of experience in Bavarian timber craftsmanship to the high-end, custom construction trade.

Cut My Timber

A Canadian manufacturer that is the largest, most technologically advanced network of experienced timber engineers and fabricators. Using computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-numeric-controlled-robotics (CNC), they produce timber and steel/timber components for the entire building industry.

PQL Studios

A Denmark-based architectural firm that focuses on creating great design results for energy-optimized buildings.  With the philosophy, that “doing good” never should be at the cost of looking good, the aim is to assist in constructing a future with renewable energy systems as an integrated and harmonic part of the building environment.

Passive House Northwest

Passive House is the world’s leading standard for energy efficient construction. It combines building enclosure efficiency and passive solar strategies in a system for designing and building cost effective, comfortable, energy efficient buildings.

Kreysler & Associates

Kreysler and Associates has been leading the way in the use of composite materials in construction since its establishment in 1982. Born out of the high performance boat industry, the company was founded to bring proven marine materials and techniques to the construction industry. What started out as a modest venture has become an internationally recognized enterprise known for its innovation, creativity and craftsmanship.


A San Francisco based technology firm that develops a variety of web and mobile solutions for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry.