Technology Tools

In our quest to bring high tech into the building industry, IDEAbuilder incorporates the latest in a variety of technologies to improve each stage of the design, building, and home management processes.
We like to think of ourselves as super geeky builders.

Upgrading our Toolbox

We work with and welcome a variety of technology partners to bring the building industry into the future. From 3D scanning and visualization technologies to replicate the building site with accurate, 3D simulation of the land, trees, surrounding buildings to web applications that enable customization of each site-specific home to meet clients’ desires from design to interior furnishings, we use technology all throughout the home building process. Moreover, once built, our digital 3D home models can be connected with home monitoring systems, thus allowing on or off-site control.

Digital 3D home models not only facilitate product choices and customization but can contain layer upon layer of information regarding each and every system of the home — from heating and cooling, electrical wiring, plumbing, and security and includes repair manuals, warrantee terms and conditions and manufacturers’ spec sheets for maximum access to vital information.

This wealth of information is also a key to the future of each building, for renovation and additional construction. Owners can model purchases for their homes, too, from countertops and appliances to new wall paint and flooring. Even furniture placement can be done digitally until the optimal configuration is achieved. Best of all, these re-imaginings can be created and shared using mobile devices, computers or other professional and consumer technology – all capable of accessing the 3d digital home and its trove of data.

Are you a tech company helping AEC?

Are you creating technology that will help improve architects, engineers, and construction industry companies’ business? Have you dreamed up web technology that can make home owners’ lives easier? We work with a variety of tech partners and want to hear from you!